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HAMTE is proud to support the Indiana Mathematics Education Research Symposium (IMERS). See below for information about past, present, and future symposiums.

2022 Symposium

IMERS 2022 will be held on Friday March 4th, 2022, at the School of Education on the IUPUI Campus. The theme for this year is scoped as “Research Methodology: Pre- and Post-Degree,” and the conference aims to provide graduate students and new faculty with opportunities to share their research ideas and to network with colleagues. Submissions are no longer accepted; the schedule may be found at the following link: IMERS_2022_Schedule

Type of sessions: Complete Studies, Work-in-Progress, Work-under-Design, and Panel discussion.

Keynote speakers:

  • Elizabeth Suazo-Flores, Research Associate, CATALYST and Curriculum & Instruction, Purdue University.
  • Brooke Max, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Purdue University

The Planning Committee for IMERS 2022 currently includes:

  • Hanan Alyami (Purdue University), as HAMTE’s Graduate Student Outreach Coordinator
  • Akaash Arora (IUPUI),
  • Iwan Sianturi (Indiana University),
  • Jonathan Rojas Valero (Indiana University),
  • Lizhen Chen (Purdue University),
  • Mariela Duarte Mejia (Indiana University),
  • Melissa Sutherland (Purdue University),
  • Patti Walsh (Indiana University),
  • Pavneet Kaur Bharaj (Indiana University),
  • Rose Mbewe (Purdue University),
  • Selim Yavuz (Indiana University),
  • Sezai Kocabas (Purdue University),
  • Sue Ellen Richardson (Purdue University),
  • Weverton Ataide (Indiana University).

2021 Symposium

The 2021 planning committee was: Hanan Alyami (Purdue University), Pavneet Kaur Bharaj (Indiana University), Sue Ellen Richardson (Purdue University), Lizhen Chen (Purdue University), and Jenny Cox (Indiana University). The 11th IMERS was held virtually on March 12, 2021. Though the committee had no experience with hosting a virtual conference, they led a successful symposium, with 11 sessions, 11 faculty facilitators, 11 graduate student facilitators, 20 presentations by 23 different graduate students, and over 50 attendees. Below are copies of the schedule and proceedings.


Indiana Mathematics Education Research Symposium (IMERS) started in 2011. The initial mission of IMERS was to provide an annual platform that is organized by mathematics education graduate students, to support mathematics education graduate students and educators across the state of Indiana. Initially, the graduate students from Purdue University, Indiana University, and Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) took guidance from faculty members to lay down the foundational logistics of the symposium. However, the graduate students have gradually taken the lead to organize, plan, and conduct the symposium on their own. The initial mission of IMERS has come to fruition as its current slogan is “IMERS, for graduate students, by graduate students.”

Building on its initial mission, IMERS have grown as a venue where the graduate students explore their professional skills – learn how to organize and lead a symposium, create opportunities for networking, and develop a space to know more about each other. IMERS was meant to be a platform for the graduate students to think about research as a process where everything is not finished in its final form. Specifically, the graduate students feel safe and supported to share their research in various stages (e.g., Complete Studies, Studies in Progress, and Studies under Design). Additionally, the graduate students often get support from the senior scholars in the math-education field not only from Indiana, but even from the other states as noted keynote speakers are invited to inspire the graduate students to think about the professoriate in a broad way.

Typically, IMERS is held at IUPUI, with 2 keynote speakers presentations (e.g., Dr. Gloriana Gonzalez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2017; Dr. Nicole Joseph, Vanderbilt University, 2018), a panel, in addition to 28-30 presentations. Here is a sample of past keynote presentations:

  • Dana Cox, Toward Understanding Research and Teaching as Empathetic Activities (2018):
  • Nicole M Joseph, Tensions in the Career of a Black Woman Researcher in the Racialized World of Mathematics Education (2018):
  • Danny Martin, Mathematics Education in Contentious Times (2020):
  • Barbara Dennis, The “I” in Inquiry (2020):
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