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Endorsed Licensure Programs

The following mathematics teacher education programs in Indiana (presented in alphabetical order) have faculty that are affiliated with HAMTE and are therefore committed to continuous improvement and the mathematics education community in Indiana. We encourage any prospective students interested in becoming a mathematics teacher to consider these programs and reach out to their representatives.

Degree Options: Elementary Education: Mathematics Concentration (K-6 license); Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics (K-9 license); Mathematics Education (5-12 license).

Description: Our program features small class sizes, an emphasis on knowledge for teaching in upper-division courses, and use of open-source software that be used in the secondary classroom.

External Website Link: https://www.huntington.edu/education/programs/mathematics-education

Degree Options: Middle School Mathematics Teaching Major; Mathematics Teaching Major; Middle School Mathematics Teaching Minor for Elementary Education Majors

Description: At Indiana State University you can…(1) Become a math coach in the math lab to help undergraduate students with courses, including Math 035, Math 102, Math 105, Math 112, Math 115, Math 116, Math 129, Math 131, Math 132, and Math 241. (2) Have early field experiences in a local middle school and in a local high school when taking math methods courses. (3) Become a research assistant to work with math education faculty members on research projects. (4) Have opportunities to give presentations with math education faculty members at conferences. (5) Have opportunities to prepare papers for journals with math education faculty members.

External Website Link: https://www.indstate.edu/cas/mathcs/math-education-major

Degree Options: At PFW undergraduates who plan to be licensed to teach high school mathematics complete two degrees—one is a BS in Mathematics, the other is a BSEd in Secondary Education. Both degrees are integrated into an 8-semester 120-credit program. Those who wish to only teach middle school complete an Elementary Education degree with a concentration in mathematics and one other content area.

Description: During their senior year, our students participate in an intensive 60 hour field experience where they collaborate with 1-3 peers and a classroom teacher to plan, implement, reflect on and revise lessons for a full unit of study for middle or high school math classes. This program is connected to their Secondary Mathematics Methods course.

External Website Link: https://catalog.pfw.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=54&poid=12046&returnto=1884

Degree Options: BS in Secondary Mathematics Education (licensed for grades 6 to 12); BS in Mathematics/Physics Education; BS in Mathematics/Computer Education; BS in Elementary Education with Middle School Math Licensure; BS in Elementary Education with a Mathematics Concentration.

Description: The Mathematics Department is recognized as a leading department in the university with 3 of the 7 faculty having received awards for outstanding instruction. Education majors have experiences in classrooms in every year of their program. Specialty courses are offered for Middle Grades Math Methods, High School Math Methods and Technology for Mathematics Education. Majors can opt to do a dual licensure in math/physics or math/computers.

External Website Link: https://www.taylor.edu/majors/mathematics-education

Degree Options: Mathematics + Secondary Education Co-Major

Description: Clinical experiences start at freshmen year for elementary and secondary majors; Elementary majors graduate with a STEM Concentration.

External Website Link: http://www.uindy.edu/education/index

Degree Options: USI offers a Bachelor of Science (or Bachelor of Arts) degree in the following subjects: Mathematics Teaching (Grades 5-12); Elementary Education (with an Elementary Mathematics Minor); Elementary Education (with an Elementary/Middle School Mathematics Minor)

Description: Students enrolled in the Math Teaching program at USI often praise the strong support provided by faculty and small class sizes that allow students to build relationships with individual faculty. Majors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences have designated space in the department to work, socialize, and collaborate. A Teaching Eagles Scholarship Program benefits students who want to pursue STEM teaching majors and minors with significant financial assistance for tuition. Prospective mathematics teachers have at least three opportunities to engage in K-12 classrooms prior to their student teaching semester. These field-based experiences provide new teachers with rich experiences to learn to teach in school settings. USI’s student teaching involves a co-teaching model, where teaching supervisors work to teach simultaneously with classroom teachers. Students also participate in a number of student-led organizations, including Mathematics Club and Student Education Association. Situated on a beautiful 1400+ acre campus, USI is home to a vibrant campus life and a unique housing environment.

External Website Link: https://www.usi.edu/math

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